Afraid of Mormons

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In BU Today, Rich Parsons writes:

“The average Mormon spends something like 20 hours per week in activities at their local congregation.”

While it may certainly feel like that much it’s not.

It may be particularly difficult to define “the average Mormon”, as there certainly are some individual members who do spend 20 hours per-week at the church building.  For example, a Mormon bishop – the spiritual leader of a local congregation – will probably spend at least 20 hours per-week at the church building.  That will be due to time spent in several leadership meetings and many private interviews.

However, if we’re talking about the average Mormon being something of a minimalist – who attends the church building only for the Sunday services – then that’s only a little more than three hours long, depending on how fast they can get in and out of the building without talking to anyone.

The “average Mormon” is probably more like one depicted by Jared on his blog here.  Jared volunarily serves in a church “calling” as a youth leader/adviser and consequently has a couple of additional weekly meetings to attend and a mid-week youth activity to supervise.  Jared spends about 10 hours weekly at the church building.

Now, if Mr. Parsons meant to say how much time the average Mormon spends in activities directly related to church membership or church service, then we can rightly include activities such as lesson preparation, a weekly family meeting and activity called “Family Home Evening“, and also outside-church visits called “Home Teaching” and “Visiting Teaching“.  So, add in an hour for lesson preparation, two hours for family home evening, and two hours for outside-church visits, and I think then Mr. Parsons’s estimate becomes much more believable.

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