Growing Up Queer and Mormon: A Dangerous Journey

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Julie M. Rodriguez @renegadeword wrote a piece called Growing Up Queer and Mormon: A Dangerous Journey

Mormon Fact Check is not about judging people or what it is like to struggle with the culture in and around the LDS chruch. We do feel its important to have accurate information about the beliefs and doctrine of the church. Ms. Rodriguez as part of her article said the following:

It gets worse, though. Mormon doctrine also makes fairly clear through its emphasis on family that the meaning of life is to get married and have children. In fact, Mormons who do not marry are told they will not attain the highest levels of glory in Heaven. Women are told they are unable to enter Heaven without a husband – a belief that’s not only anti-lesbian, but deeply misogynistic as well.

The Book of Mormon teaches that all will confess that God’s Judgments are just (See Mosiah 16:1) So keeping in mind that a just and loving heavenly father is not going to deny any person entry into heaven just because she was unable to find a worthy companion. This applies to both men and women, Ms. Rodriguez would have her readers think that women are left out if they are unable to marry, which is clearly false. President Harold B. Lee said:

“You young women advancing in years who have not yet accepted a proposal of marriage, if you make yourselves worthy and ready to go to the house of the Lord and have faith in this sacred principle of celestial marriage for eternity, even though the privilege of marriage does not come to you now in mortality, the Lord will reward you in due time and no blessing will be denied you. You are not under obligation to accept a proposal from someone unworthy of you for fear you will fail [to receive] of your blessings” (Ye Are the Light of the World [1974], 308).

Since Marriage is a requirement of exaltation for both men and women, Ms. Rodriguez’s claim of this being “deeply misogynistic” is clearly misleading.

From The Latter-day Saint Woman: Basic Manual for Women

Some women may not marry until later in life. Some may remain single throughout their mortal lives if they are unable to find a worthy companion. Such women are promised worthy husbands and children in the life after death. No blessing available on earth will be denied them.

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