The Fear of Mormons

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Pierre Tristam’s (@PierreTristam) article The Fear of Mormons needed a Mormon Fact Check. The article responds to the New York times OP-ED Why We Fear Mormons. Unfortunatly Mr. Tristam doesn’t make it thru the first paragraph of commentary about the New York times OP-ED before he gets mixed up about the beginning of the LDS Chruch.

“Angels don’t make a habit of visiting Upstate New York, particularly to talk books, even more particularly one called Mornoni[sic], and in late September at that, when it gets pretty nippy in Upstate, so it was quite unusual that one did in 1823, dropping in on a young Joseph Smith with a preview of the Book of Mormons[sic]”.

First the angel that visited Joseph Smith was named Moroni, not Mornoni, and he showed Joseph Smith where a record written on golden plates was buried. These plates were translated into the Book of Mormon, not the Book of Mormons.

It was a warm-up act to another revelation that starred no less than Jesus and God, neither of whom had ever made an appearance for, say, Mohammed in his dreamy phases, or Black Elk, or the encyclopedic number of men and women who, before Hollywood serialized storytelling on screen, imagined visions for millions.

Moroni was not a warm up act for God the Father and Jesus Christ appearing to Joseph Smith, the author has the time line reversed from how it actually happened. The First vision as it is called, occurred in spring of 1820 when Joseph Smith was 14 years old. In that vision Jesus Christ and God the Father appeared to Joseph Smith in response to his prayer about which church to join. On September 21st, 1823, the Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith and showed him where the gold plates were located. It is important to have the facts surrounding the origin of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints correct, regardless of the opinion you might have about the organization.

The rest of Pierre Tristam goes on to editorialize about the before mentioned article in the New York times.